Teacher Appreciation

This week is Teacher Appreciation. Go hug an educator.


8 comments on “Teacher Appreciation”

  1. Hi, I’ve nominated your truly awesome blog for a Liebster or Wonderful Team Member Award (you choose)! ; )


    • I’ve read about the Liebster on your blog, but what is the Wonderful Team Member Award?

      Tell me more about it.

      • Sorry missed that bit out, updating the page now! – The rules are just (and effort) for each is just a bit different! : )

      • Man, they both sound good. I’m thinking the Liebster since I’d heard of it before. Thank you so much. This is awesome!

        However, you’re already nominating some of the blogs I keep up with. Can I also nominate them? And how do you know if they have less than 200 followers?

      • Cool, look forward to reading your answers! I see this like an opportunity to share what your reading to help people find other blogs you like, nominate your faves! : )

  2. Holy crap. That’s outrageous. Seems like you took it to another level of disturbance. I only got one complaint: 2(2(x2) does not, in fact, equal a. Sorry to nitpick… otherwise, nice job.

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