The Hat and Fat #27

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5 comments on “The Hat and Fat #27”

  1. Oh, poor Justin Timberlake. When will he ever catch a break?

    • Hat’s man crush is deep! Hey, don’t you post on Tuesdays? I kept checking and didn’t see anything, I didn’t miss it did I?

      • Very deep indeed.
        No, you’ve missed nothing. I was swamped with… well, life in general, this week and had to neglect the comic strip for a bit. Any work on it has been directed toward expanding the website itself. The itch to get done with all the techie-web stuff and just start drawing again is turning into an ugly rash. I shall reveal all the changes and be back in action very soon.

      • Thanks, man, that means a lot. I am trying to get better. I look at tons of other cartoons and drawings trying to pick up tidbits here and there. Still don’t really know what I’m doing but I just go with what appeals to me. Hoping it appeals to others as well.

        What is this gradient that you speak of? I will have to look this up.

        Thanks, really.

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