The Hat and Fat #29

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10 comments on “The Hat and Fat #29”

  1. Lol thats really funny, you mad crazy genius! Ha ha love it. : )

    • I agree with the mad and crazy part, but not so sure about the genius. Or did you mean Guinness, if so you’ve stumbled upon the secrets to our writing process.

  2. OMG, you actually took it there… Wait, haven’t I used that comment in the past? I should know better by now, I know. heehee.

    Do I feel a series coming on, or is the implication of a list the joke? It works either way, but a continuation of the list in subsequent episodes sure sounds fun. >:)

    Hitler IS a dork.

    • Yeah, we’ve got a few coming. Might do ’em back to back, but we might just space them out. So this one hits, then? I wasn’t sure.

      • Come on, it starts off with, “1. Make Hitler wet himself.” lol. No doubt it hits. Lotsa fun to come!

      • Thanks for all the encouragement. But, when is a new comic coming out your way?

      • Didn’t catch this. Dang, I got called out! – lol – I had it coming for all the jive I been talking lately.

        But, yeah, I’ve finished reorganizing the website ( & I’m finally back to cartooning. The front page now contains only the Current Week’s content & will be refreshed every Sunday — so the plan goes. See how sly I am, ever so nonchalantly squeezing in a plug for my site… >:)

        On another note, your header says “updated on Tuesdays and Fridays”, but I notice you often have something up like, way earlier or even more often than promised, like cool little bonus episodes… (you’re making me look bad here guys… oh, wait, I’m making me look bad, I should probably stop whining and just get on the ball!). Just curious since I’m reaching a point where I wanna implement a regular schedule.

      • I post them usually around 10:30 pm EST on Monday and Thursday, before I go to bed. If I had one of those cool timer releases I do it at 11:59 on M and T. Now that summer is starting and I won’t be working the “paying job” and don’t have to get up at 6am I might post a little later. Yeah, I’m glad you’re back to posting.

        You can plug your site on here anytime you want. You and a one or two others always have that priviledge In fact I’ll plug it now. Go to *follow the swaying pocket watch* *you’re getting tired*

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