The Hat and Fat #30

Okay, so there it is….I love the Jim Jones in his white 70’s suit, shaking the alcohol, Hat with his leg propped up on the bar. Anyway, leave a comment. It’s located under the tags just to the left.  ALSO, CLICK BACK ARROW TO SEE THE #1 THING TO DO AT AN EVIL SLUMBER PARTY.


15 comments on “The Hat and Fat #30”

  1. Ooo, I just looked up Jim Jones on Wikipedia… very, very, creepy!

    • Man, I thought everyone knew who Jim Jones was. But you’re British, right? Maybe he’s someone just weaved into the fabric that makes up American culture. I’ve known Jim Jones since childhood, but maybe that’s why I’m doing a Hat and Fat strip and not Peanuts.

      • Yes, I’m in London – but a lot of really significant shit passes me by, so me not knowing something really doesn’t mean very much! : } I probably should know about it, everyone was really into ‘serial killers’ when we were teenagers, pfft… that’s mush4brains for you! #whatyagonnado? : ) lol

      • Yeah, and I was raised in Southern American Church, seems like we discuss stuff like him over family dinners. But I guarantee there’s tons of cultural info from GB that I’m unaware of. Speaking of which, who was this Jack the Ripper, fella? Am I saying it right, Jack the Ripper?

      • Everything I know about him comes from Alan Moore’s ‘From Hell’ – have you got it? Although saying that, strangely, my favourite pub to drink in is the Ten Bells – which was his local! wierd.

      • Saw the movie. Scared the crap out of me.

        Ten Bells, you won’t believe what I read the 1st time!

        Okay, but why is it local weird. If you want you can tell me on email at

      • there should have been a ? after my question. Hit reply just as I noticed.

      • By his “local” I mean, his local pub, his favourite pub – it’s where he picked up all his victims. So it’s wierd that I drink in there as well, sit at the same bar, maybe even the same seat… and look at your cartoon!!! That’s wierd freaky!

      • Oh, that’s too awesome. Jack the Ripper has always fascinated.

      • Hyperlocalhero, that is fascinating that you frequent Ten Bells (haha, TheHatandFat – I can totally believe what you must’ve thought that said). And, first of all, we’re American — meaning we’re quite culturally isolated ourselves, for sure. It takes considerable effort to find out what’s actually going on across the seas. That info is certainly not handed to us. Thank god for the internet.
        So here’s a confession. I had to google Jim Jones, and I grew up knowing about him, the cult mass murder/suicide, Jonestown, and certainly the Kool-Aid (who knows how many times throughout my life I’ve heard or said, “don’t drink the Kool-Aid!). It gets more embarrassing though. Reason I was thrown off was because I was thinking of Tom Jones, so I Really didn’t get it at first. Then all the discussions flared up and I decided to look into this Tom Jones…or Jim Jones character. What a goober. I recognized the name easily when I was on the right track. and it made all the difference. Interestingly, That mass poisoning happened a month and 10 days before I was born. and I still can’t fi gure out what’s up with Fat. I feel like I’m missing something. Hey, I thought the bartender was Tom Jones!

      • “It’s not Unusual” to come to that conclusion. When I googled Jim Jones to get a picture to caricature, I thought he actually looked a lot like Tom Jones. Very creepy just to look at, really. Knowing now what we know, it’s hard to imagine anyone “following” him. He looks like the duchiest sleazebag ever!

        Now, I wonder how many others thought the same thing. I should have given a brief synopsis, or a link to Wikipedia for folks to gather some background knowledge.

        Doug, Fat isn’t in the picture at all. Fat was probably still guffawing at Hitler’s wet britches and couldn’t stop rolling around on the floor.

        I thought these two were great, but neither did well on Reddit. I think in the end Hitler came out with two positive upvotes and Jim Jones had 3.

        I wish more people would leave negative comments (not you or Hyperlocal, mind you–just others) so that I could get some kind of reference point as to what folks find funny. I don’t want to change the humor, I truly believe this is original in it’s approach, but I would love to maybe hone it in.

  2. I can’t piece it together — the “where’s Fat” mystery.

    But, the bigger concern on everybody’s mind should probably be that freakin’ Jim Jones is serving the beverages! The Kool-Aide is to die for, so I hear.

  3. Awesome. The Hat is so devilishly suave here. I have to wonder just how evil this slumber party is… I mean, lots of sinister,despicable friends are attending, but how does their terribleness measure up to that of The Hat and Fat? I worry that this so-called slumber party may be some kind of ruse. After all, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself… and The Hat and Fat’s savage appetite. heheheeee.

    • Well, those kidnappers are kind of appetizing, and Casey Anthony would probably scream a lot. They like that sort of thing. But the real question here, if you were to attend, is where is Fat? Hmmmm……

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