The Hat and Fat #31

Trying out a new panel layout and blurred background–Hope you like. Fat’s all about some relationships…as long as the relationship fills his belly. He once hoped to have his own Cooking Show, but it wasn’t in the cards. Please, feel free to leave a comment it’s over there on the left below the Tags.


4 comments on “The Hat and Fat #31”

  1. Oh wow, just saw the comment i ended up posting here the other day. I meant to say, “Nice job, guys.” Damn auto-correct!

  2. A tasty strip, EW! I like your limited color pallet and that softened background works great.

  3. Alright, you see? Just to kinda shake things up a bit, I had big plans to rag on you by just commenting with a quick & blunt “Aw man, the words are blurry (*i really thought they were when I saw it on my phone earlier, but on my computer screen they look fine), but then you go do something like this and give me no choice but to praise you yet again.
    BLAST! Foiled plans!
    This is GOOD… with an emphasis on the G, the O, the other O, and even the D. That blur effect on the BG really steps it up a few notches, no doubt.

    One general criticism I have for the overall comic strip series is that some of them are just kinda too tame, in my opinion. It’s like some of the strips feel (to me, at least) as though they are kinda on the fence between (1)dark & edgy shock humor and (2)nice, wholesome fun. That is a great combination to play with, don’t get me wrong (that dichotomy alone is funny & from what I can tell gives your comic that special something).
    I just think the jokes can be pushed further toward the shocking and messed up psychopathic side without losing that essential aspect of lightheartedness. This one and the Teacher Day one come immediately to mind as prime examples. They go much closer to the edge than the others, and they stand out as a result. I felt a little uncomfortable on those two examples, but the lighthearted vibe kinda gives a sense of relief, and yet the feeling of relief feels slightly uncomfortable or unnerving considering the subject matter. The Hat and Fat comic strip has a very fundamentally shocking theme, in all actuality. It really messes with the psyche in subtle but profound ways. The imagery is dark & daunting while being light and playful all at the same time. Great, well-balanced recipe, for real. The subject matter (eating human flesh) is quite intense, so it seems to feel kinda unbalanced if the joke/amusing scenarion/what-have-you is lacking in intensity. I bet if you just crank up the shock factor more often, it might help.

    Honestly, I totally love the overall tone and you’re spot on about sticking to your guns with your approach — your gut knows best, just keep full steam ahead. More and more will jump on the train over time. See, I first became a fan of The Hat and Fat because it’s just so damn unique and stylish and fun. Those characters are loads of fun, and yet they are evil — such an interesting concept to have your protagonists be evil cannibals. The title is pure perfection. And the humor is just so blatantly deliberate — stuff like being hungry for Japanese and going to a Karaoke bar… and that’s that. It’s a very basic scenario that doesn’t really reach too far or try too hard, and it really doesn’t need to because the whole package that is The Hat and Fat is just so freakin’ appealing. I don’t know how you pull it off, but you most certainly do. And I, for one, am glad

    [A valuable lesson I’ve learned over the years is that your most valuable fan is yourself, & it’s really, REALLY true. Write & draw to amuse yourself (numerous great artists have that philosophy. I’d bet that ALL the greatest of the greats have that crucial mentality too. Make each other laugh and keep having fun. Don’t hold back when you feel iffy about an idea. If you laugh at something, see if you can push it a little further; maybe the chuckler you had can become a gut buster. Chances are you are far from crossing your boundaries, see if you can find that boundary line (you’ll know if you cross it – then you can just back off a bit until your in comfortable territory). The more we, as artists, learn to trust our own creative decisions, the easier it is to keep making creative decisions we feel good about. A fan trusts the artist to make good creative decisions; by consciously being your own #1 fan, you learn to trust your gut instincts. Keep striving to create stuff you really feel great about. If you think it’s super great, there are lots of other people that will think so, too. And they will wanna see what you think is so super great and gravitate toward you.]

    Kudos on this one for sure, fellas. It looks terrific and lives up to the disturbing terribleness that oughta be expected from our psychopathicheroes given their hellishly evil nature. And a nice, tight joke to boot. Nice moon beam too. So, yeah, y’all may have cut me off at the pass tonight… but I’ll be back!

    For now, I’m gonna have to rag on ya on twitter, just to shake things up a bit. mwaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…

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