The Hat and Fat #33

I enjoyed the art in the first panel, especially how the Hat and Fat’s shadows turned out. I should have done more with the second panel background, but by the time I thought of it, it was too late. Hope you also like.

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2 comments on “The Hat and Fat #33”

  1. Holy crap! That was bluntly offensive, laugh-out-loud funny, and… basically true. Definitely some fine artwork in the first panel (nice shadows for sure). In my honest opinion, the whole layout of this one is perfect, as is the nice concise joke setup and one hell of a punchline. I’ve never seen a strip done anything quite like this and I like it a lot, for real. I seriously see nothing that needs
    improvement here. except maybe adding the words “shallow minded” “self righteous, ” & “hypocritical” somewhere in there.

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