The Hat and Fat #34


What can the Hat and Fat say, they got scared.  It’s all about survival.


11 comments on “The Hat and Fat #34”

  1. Now on to the main course….Captain Crunch! 🙂

  2. Nice work! These are just getting better and better:)

  3. Gives new meaning to the term, “sea sick.” This is a beauty. So cinematic.

    • Dude, where are you at? I thought it was just the worm missing. You must really be broken up about that. Been out looking for Skiddles yourself, I assume.

      • somethin’ like that. lotsa unexpected stuff kept getting in the way of my progress like literally every day the past week. almost done, ink is getting all over the paper now. hope to get it up tonight. i could be purposely dragging it out to add to the suspense, but doing it this long would be ridiculous… even for me. so, soon. very, very soon.

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