The Hat and Fat #35-Star Gazing

That image of Fat in panel 2 popped into my head, don’t think it quite turned out as good as it was in my head but it sparked panel 3. Then I had to think of why Fat might assault Hat and the only thing I could come up with ….Imposter Hat!

Be on the lookout for him.

As always comments are very welcome. We respond back to all, even if it’s oiqurjlanm,.d ajuoiunc.aouweou. Which some of you will be able to translate.

Also, for those of you interested in helping OK you can download a great song by Awestruck Worship here at …   All proceeds go directly to helping folks in Oklahoma.  The download is FREE, all they ask for are tips.  So get on that.  Help out!


2 comments on “The Hat and Fat #35-Star Gazing”

  1. haha! i wanted to small the hat too just for saying something so out of character. that worked out great from an artistic cartooning standpoint that starts are surrounding the hat when he gets whacked with the bat, while staying in perfect context. these do keep getting better and better, both artistically and humor.

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