The Hat and Fat #37–Trapped in a Box

We just wanted to give our strip a more “traditional” feel this time, just to see what it looked like. We like how it turned out, and could possibly see a change to this format. Still need to learn how to do some background stuff, but we’re trying.

Or something like it at least. Who knows? Won’t be any time soon as our buffer has grown quite bountiful.


2 comments on “The Hat and Fat #37–Trapped in a Box”

  1. that was a fun gag. just for the record (and interestingly),i happen to be taking Candy Trip in a similar direction with the next several episodes i’ve got laid out so far. so don’t sue me when they come out, i beg of you. but seriously, it’s great to see all the experimentation. i personally like the earlier layouts with the main panel framing and containing the smaller panels of shots carrying the story along. also like the jagged edges of those smaller panels. so unique for a comic strip layout and the jaggedness fit nicely with the overall

    • ….tone. that’s my two cents anyway. but by all means keep experimenting away. giving yourself creative freedom can work wonders for creative breakthroughs, and it keeps things fun and interesting for you as well as your audience. keeps us on our toes. …especially if u put the content like really high up on the panels. derp!

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