The Hat and Fat #39-How Happy?

You know despite an obvious genius marketing strategy (run as many different commercials as possible at the same time), there are times when these commercials just get a bit annoying.

This one is particular. If I see that witch flying around the broom factory one more time, I’m going to put my TV on Hat’s “Whack-A-Head” board from last Friday and go to town.

BTW, anyone see anything wrong with Hat’s left hand? I bet musicians and better artist than me will figure it out.

4 comments on “The Hat and Fat #39-How Happy?”

  1. Haha! Those commercials are so annoying! Bon appetit, fellas! 🙂

  2. Oooh, a trivia question – good way to grab attention. I see what’s wrong with Hat’s left hand. He’s playing an F# chord while Fat is clearly playing the song in A minor, the way it should be played. And Hat is simultaneously playing a C note with his thumb, all the while miraculously holding the guitar – that hasn’t been done since Hendrix, man!

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