The Hat and Fat #40-Tag! You’re it!

By: thehatandfat

Jun 18 2013

Category: Comic Strip




So this gets things kicked off.  A few webcomic creators and us are playing a game of Tag. Simple rules:  We use one of the other creator’s characters in our own strip and they’re It, they must then use their comic to Tag another creator by doing a strip using their characters plus the creator they’re tagging’s characters.

Well, that sounded simple in my head at least.

Anyhow, there are 7 of us playing: (;;; and; plus this site.

Rain Dog Comic is one that I’ve fairly recently found, basically he did  a series using Humpty Hump from Digital Underground that I thought was terrific.  That led me to reading past strips and then to a meeting with Stephen McGee (the artist/writer) at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina.  There I bought his book, a collection of strips, and found that the man is a genius.  I couldn’t put the book down!  

So, do yourself a favor, if you’re not already familiar with Rain Dog Comic and visit his site at  If your also inclined to do so follow him on Twitter at @raindogcomic.

There, I’ve said enough, except . . . Tag, you’re It!

7 comments on “The Hat and Fat #40-Tag! You’re it!”

  1. […] Well I’m playing a game of tag set up by the good folks over at it all started with this post HERE […]

  2. Awesome! Great idea guys. I’ll look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

  3. That guy totally deserved it!

  4. Haaaa! That was good. I especially like how The Hat is raising the dome lid up from the silver platter to reveal the head; wish I had thought of that… 😉
    This game of tag is really awesome. Great idea guys.
    U may have mentioned it already, and if so I apologize, but is the game staying open for additional participants to join in over time? I can see this attracting a lot more cartoonists wanting to play. crazy not to get involved really. it’s fun and great for exposure and camaraderie.

    • Yeah, as long as they let us know they want in. That way we know who we can tag. Thanks for the comment. Wasn’t really sure about this one last night at post time. It was my first thought, and I just went with it instead of planning, gathering other ideas and then seeing which one I thought was best.

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