The Hat and Fat #42 – Stop Cat

One half of the Hat and Fat team share Hat’s opinion of cats in this comic strip. I am not a cat fan, at all. Not that I want cats chopped in two! I appreciate what cats do outside of homes. Keep mice, snakes, other rodents away from the house. But I do hate to see a cat in someone’s home. Just the thought-and I don’t care how clean they keep the house- of a cat jumping up on places where food is prepared really bothers me. I won’t eat at your house if you have an indoor cat.
My problem, though, not yours.
Anyway, I still hope you enjoyed the strip. It’s really more about the guy and Hat than the Hat and the Cat. (see what I did there!)


10 comments on “The Hat and Fat #42 – Stop Cat”

  1. Cats are evil, you are right to murder any and all you see. Just thought I’d confirm, in case you were wondering.

  2. Never threaten someone wielding an axe!

  3. that cat looks cool cut in half like that. if cats have 9 lives and you cut it in half, does it then have 18 lives (minus that life it just lost, of course)?

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