The Hat and Fat #44 – Buffet Line

Okay, so finally June is over for posting. Coming Next week on Monday we’re trying a story arc with The Hat and Fat. We’ve served up several non-related Gag A Day strips over the past 4 months and we wanted to try our hand at telling a story with these two monstrously lovable guys.
We’re very excited and think the 14 strips that will mark July are funny, keep with the theme of our “heroes” and hopefully open up new paths for them.
Thank you to all that have followed us this far, we love your viewership.
Hey, if you’re a fan that comes by every week, leave us a comment and let us know. Doesn’t have to be much, a simple “Hi” works, but a little encouragement can go a long way.


4 comments on “The Hat and Fat #44 – Buffet Line”

  1. Looking forward to the upcoming storyline! Save me a thigh!

  2. Hi. & I like the new BG image on your site. Pretty gnarly. Is it from Delawhere Comics? Anyway, I’m looking forward to following your story arc.

    • Yeah, Delawhere did that. Somebody told me my other background was ugly, and they were right. I thought it was rather dull and had meant to do some art to change it. Still plan on doing something myself, but this might buy me some time.

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