June Contest Winner

We had several entries into the contest this month and we appreciate everyone that entered. They were all very good.
However, we had to choose one and this month’s winner comes to us from the severely disturbed creator of A Damaged Childhood Comic. If you haven’t read this comic yet, you need to get right over there and do so, by clicking on the link above. However, if you do you will never be able to undo what you see!
We liked this one because it skips the obvious joke and grabs hold of something others might miss. Good Job, A Damaged Childhood.


4 comments on “June Contest Winner”

  1. No joke! That was superb. It certainly comes from somewhere FARRRR OUT there, man. That’s one thing I’ve noticed working on the strip I’m gonna TAG A Damaged Childhood with. Reading through those archives are like wading through a warm and dauntingly peaceful sea of tea flavored randomness. Great setups, then BAM! Punchline comes at ya from somewhere outta left field, or the stands, or another ballpark, or maybe even another planet. I mean, that pic was so dang random and ludicrous I didn’t even wanna touch it. But there you have it, awesomeness in all its glory. I mean, just look at it. That’s fantastic all around.

  2. Love it! And thanks for the link!

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