The Hat and Fat #45 – Flesh and Wine

So this kicks off our series of strips with related context. We’ve also added a small banner to the top with our names across from it.


5 comments on “The Hat and Fat #45 – Flesh and Wine”

  1. This may very well be my favorite The Hat and Fat. I don’t know though for sure, haven’t sat down and tallied up their ratings I’ve given them with vehement criticism. I don’t really even know what vehement means, don’t feel like lookin’ it up, or actually learning it’s meaning in any way. Just wanted to say it. This, to me, had a beautifully brilliant layout having the BG wine cellar (subtle yet powerful). And the payoff (outright PUNCHLINE in this case was executed perfectly). I hated this comic strip until now, but with this…….. haaaaaaaa! just foolin’! I still hate it more than ever. I just come by 3 days a week to vehemently criticize the hell outta it.

    Man, I’m being feisty today. You know I love The Hat & Fat. No, really…. I do…

    Maybe I should just stick to saying, “Hi,” from now on.

    • Yeah, I hate this strip too! But have you seen that Candy Trip one. Geez, who’s running the show over there? That’s all I want to know!

      • Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with that Candy Trip thing. Either it’s run by the slowest cartoonist on Earth, or… um… i unno… derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

        Daaaaa…. Hi.

  2. Human flesh pairs well with an earthy Merlot…

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