Hat and Fat #47 – MONSTERS!

This one was fun to draw. I enjoyed the action aspects of this strips and hope to draw some more. And of course, we’re all scared of balloons, right?


4 comments on “Hat and Fat #47 – MONSTERS!”

  1. lol is not appropriate to use here. I actually didn’t get the joke the first read through. But there was something keeping me from dismissing it, something deep inside my brain telling me that I needed to read it over again. Then I got it & literally laughed out loud. Nice one! Really REALLY Funny! lol would not do it justice.

    And yes, good action indeed.

    • Sometimes that’s a good reaction. The having to come back. I kind of worry about that while doing this story structure. Some jokes will only be funny if you’re familiar with the whole story. Hope everyone is as kind and comes back.

  2. I had a freaky experience with a balloon once…but I got the heroin there safely…

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