The Hat and Fat #48 – The One about the Kids in a Sack

This still falls into our “Visiting the Village” theme for July, but it is kind of a stand alone. Last month the magnificent Doug Cook of Candy Trip Comic Strip did a spot with our two characters and I wanted to repay the kindness. However, I could not draw Doug’s characters in a Hat and Fat style as they are mostly worms and fish. Trust us, we tried but everything looked really terrible and I didn’t want to do his strip an injustice.  To find out more about Candy Trip find them here at 


2 comments on “The Hat and Fat #48 – The One about the Kids in a Sack”

  1. Thanks guys! That is awesome. I really like that reverse negative with the tree in the background. I love the whole thing.

    • No problem. I really wanted to do something with your characters, but just couldn’t get them right . . . at all. I could somewhat draw them like you draw them, but I wanted to put my own spin on them, you know. Thanks, Doug.

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