The Hat and Fat #57 – The Disruption

So Fat obviously hasn’t had enough just yet. He’ll make Hat regret ever wanting to visit the village. This strip was a BEAST to do! I’d never put so many people in one drawing, before. Sure, there stickish and homely, but, HEY, it’s the best I could do–and they were hard. Plus the last Panel, we were going for the World War Z mosh pit feel, I think it came across.5thPanelActonKahler1

5th Panel Guest Art:  Here’s the 5th Panel below the original strip.


4 comments on “The Hat and Fat #57 – The Disruption”

  1. As I read this comic I am enjoying a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich….coincidence? I think not! 🙂 PS, that last panel is awesome!

  2. Okaaaaay. It’s official. You’re an Artist. Great composition. Great everything! The faint grey background is incredibly effective. Nice work!

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