The Hat and Fat #62 – The Chase

Looks like I have bad news today. My best friend’s sister is a missionary in Romania. Last week the associate pastor of the church they attend in Romania and his 9 year-old son were brutally murdered on their way home from filling in at an orphanage.
We here at The Hat and Fat love to try to bring some silliness to the darkside of life, but the truth is it’s rarely funny. As a parent I can’t imagine what must have been this man’s last thoughts when he knew he would no longer be able to protect his son.
I hope the Romania law enforcement is able to track down these truly evil animals-though it looks as if the evidence is slim.
Please take this moment, if you’re a parent, to hug your children, say a prayer for my friend’s sister and her family as they choose to stay in the Romanian village and serve knowing that this attack was possibly because the man was Christian.
We love you Faith…stay safe!


2 comments on “The Hat and Fat #62 – The Chase”

  1. That story gave me chills! I have a hard time making sense of this world sometimes, I guess a lot of things don’t make sense at all.

    • Surreal, isn’t it? I’d be on the first flight home, but they’ve been there for six years and are trying to adopt a child so they can’t. It’s beyond messed up what we’re capable of doing to one another.

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