The Hat and Fat #63 – Well, it’s not Digoirno

This joke is an old one I worked on back early summer. When I pulled it up for this week it looked God-awful, so I did a quick rework of the backgrounds and, well, this is what you get!

Also, remember, later today will put out our 5th Write the Joke Contest image. It’s easy to enter. Just send a joke for the image to Last month I had so many fantastic entries that literally I ended up with an ulcer trying to decide on the winner. But, this is fun for us so please enter. We love your insanity here at The Hat and Fat!


8 comments on “The Hat and Fat #63 – Well, it’s not Digoirno”

  1. 😀 i love your characters the style .. very unique .. keep it up 🙂

  2. I wonder if cable guys wear channel No. 5?

  3. My favorite!

  4. HAAAAaaaaaaa-hahAhaaahH!!!! That’s good. = D

    • Thanks, man! You should have seen how ugly it was the first go round. I think the joke would have been lost in the detestable background I had drawn up.

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