Guest Strip from Raindog Comic

By: thehatandfat

Aug 18 2013

Category: Comic Strip


This is our first guest strip at The Hat and Fat and it’s fitting that it comes from Raindog Comic creator Stephen McGee.

Stephen was one of the first creators to reach out to us as we began this indulgence into web comics.  He was always there for a quick word of advice, praise or encouragement.  When we went to three a week post, Stephen told us it could be done.  When we tried a story line in July, he encouraged us to go for it and was quick to offer insights.  Nine times out of ten he’s the first person to retweet out latest strip.

Honestly, he’s one of the nicest people to know.  And if you haven’t checked out his comic, you can do so by clicking here  You can also follow him on twitter here and also on facebook clicking raindogcomic.  Lastly, he also gave an interview you can read here Stephen McGee.


3 comments on “Guest Strip from Raindog Comic”

  1. That’s awesome. But man… patchouli smells bad enough; don’t want to imagine what it must taste like. Blech!!!!

  2. Brilliant guest strip! 🙂

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