The Hat and Fat #64 – Hat and Fat Try Camping

So this one started out as a much longer strip. Four panels actually. Part of what we hope will turn into a running gag here at The Hat and Fat. However, after sketching it out we both thought this panel was a stand alone panel, capable of carrying the joke.


7 comments on “The Hat and Fat #64 – Hat and Fat Try Camping”

  1. Love how this works as a single panel! Well played good sir, well played!

  2. It’s more than a camp out…it’s a buffet!

  3. Good decision. That says it all. It would say something even different if Fat’s right hand was making air quotes & the left hand behind his back had fingers crossed. Ha. It would at least make you wonder a lot of things…

    • Where were you five nights ago when we sketched this out. That would have been hilarious. Gonna kick myself now. Thanks for that.

      Hope you post soon, brother? Missing Candy Trip.

      • Oh well, maybe you can do a redux edition in like 15 years and put it in there then. 😀
        CANDY TRIP will be back in full force pretty soon. I’ll start making a racket to the public before long, and you’ll know it’s coming. BIG plans, can’t wait! Right now trying to finish up this guest piece for Zombie Oaks. It’s been kicking my butt but I will conquer it. Quite excited to see the finished piece, myself actually.

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