The Hat and Fat #65 – CANNIBALISM

Not much to say tonight. I hope you enjoy this poster. As always feel free to share with us by leaving a comment, or share with your friends. Thanks!


6 comments on “The Hat and Fat #65 – CANNIBALISM”

  1. …best yet…yay!…(especially like the eyeball)….

  2. I’ll bet Fat never says, “I coulda had a V8!”

  3. Hahaa!!! Nice! Great joke. …it IS joke, right??
    You change the appearance of the site? Looking at it on my phone and the border’s color scheme seems different. In any case, the artwork itself is looking better and better all the time.

    • Yeah, went with something plain and simple. That seemed to be the way most people have their sites. Wanted the comic itself to stand out more as people visited. Plus I left a white strip across the top so folks could see the tabs better. Thanks for the compliment. Feel like I’m just starting to master my characters in a way that I can make them/draw them in any way I need to now.

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