The Hat and Fat #67 – Labor Day

So tonight, for you special folks, you get two, yes, TWO comics in one. So we’re fast approaching our 6 month anniversary here at The Hat and Fat. We have to say Thanks to those of you that read H & F week after week.
As far as our feelings toward Ben Affleck as Batman…well, I’ll just let the comic speak for itself.


6 comments on “The Hat and Fat #67 – Labor Day”

  1. Whoa… I’ve been super busy lately & have not been keeping up with pop culture such &, AT ALL. Please tell me this is in NO way based on reality… Ben Afleck? Batman?? Even considering him for such a role would easily warrant… well, getting bar-b-qued over an open grill.

    • That’s the rumor or fact, I’m not sure which. Nothing against Affleck on this end, he’s a super actor, but as Batman…I just don’t know.

      • I agree. It seemed trendy for everybody to hate on Affleck for awhile & just pass him off as a gigantic tool (maybe it still is, IDK). But yeah, he’s an alright actor. Definitely good with the ‘average dude that’s too nice to be a dick but to cocky to be a wuss’ type character. I thought he was great in The Company Men, but that was a surprisingly good movie all around.
        Maaaaaaaaaybe he could have possibly pulled it off when he was starting out & unknown. Now, however, trying to watch Ben Affleck play Batman would just be plain weird. He’d probably just look like a gigantic tool.

      • Yeah, I agree. He might, just might be a bit too old to play Batman. Keaton was fine back in the day, because Batman was thought of as older. Now with Bale, I think most of us think of Bruce Wayne as much, much younger than Affleck.

  2. I wonder if Batman carries BBQ sauce in his utility belt?

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