Guest Strip From Zombie Oaks

We’re starting to get big heads over here at The Hat and Fat with all this fan art and guest strips! (not really) However, this is our second guest strip done by the fantastically skilled creator of Zombie Oaks Comic, Mr. Axton Kahler. What I like about this is the merging of the web comic universe (and Hat’s Pimp-Daddy Cane). It’s funny, other creators take on our characters. Never imagined myself that Fat would be wearing cut off sleeves, yet I do like it! Gives him an edge, a wild side, if you will.
Now if you’re not familiar with Zombie Oaks. It’s one of the best serial web comics out there. Each page builds on the last, and leaves you with enough interest to keep you coming back for the next post. That and the fact that you never know what Mr. Kahler’s imagination will conjure up next for his poor, everyman-just-turned-zombie, George. So book yourself right over to Zombie Oaks by clicking ZOMBIE FEVER!

A few week ago, We did I guest strip for Zombie Oaks you can find here GUEST STRIP.


3 comments on “Guest Strip From Zombie Oaks”

  1. Axton sure knows how to bring the animal out in a guy! This strip is certainly nothing to sniff at! Great job!

  2. This comic wins by a nose! 🙂

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