The Hat and Fat #71 – Kindred Souls

So this one went through many edits before we finally settled on this strip. We actually had another one planned for today, but it turned out to be a beast of art and will need more time to finish. Hopefully Monday.

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4 comments on “The Hat and Fat #71 – Kindred Souls”

  1. Seven decapitated heads are not words you normally read in webcomics! Kudos! Also wanted to say your strips are getting better and better, both in writing and art.

  2. Ahhh-ha! Finally saw the CANDY TRIP easter egg you mentioned earlier. Right there on the box of fishing line. In plain sight. Hehe…
    Is that Tank Monkey & the squid thing from Zombie Oaks in the case?

    • Yup! Thought I’d drop a couple things in there to spruce up the place. But when the joke formed around fishing line, I knew exactly who needed to be on the box.

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