The Hat and Fat #75 – Food Drive

You really got to find out who’s behind those charities.

But on to more important questions, how’s everyone making out with the gova-ment shut down? Doing okay? Got you rations? Your bug-out packs? Tents?

Good, good! Glad to hear it. Keep on, keeping on, then!


4 comments on “The Hat and Fat #75 – Food Drive”

  1. It’s true…and there’s flavor in the fat!

  2. Hahaaa! That got me! …in a good way, of course. So you went worth the jagged text bubbles. Nice.
    And, you said, “…how’s everyone MAKING OUT with the guva-ment…”
    uhhhhh- hu-hu-hu

    • gova-ment, that’s how we say it. Tried them first. Can’t go wrong with Sandman, can you? Don’t know. Probably should have made them a little transparent, but live and learn. Thanks. I hoped that one was funny. I’m never sure what others will find in my humor.

      • The only thing I can see that might improve those bubbles is to try and give more of a cushion of space between the dialogue and the lines. I like how the lines aren’t only jagged, but they also crisscross and jut out in all directions. Almost gives the impression of loose threads. Fits perfectly with your style.
        Yeah, I thought it was funny. The pacing was really done so well that the punchline actually snuck up on me. I was really getting concerned for poor ol Fat, then !POW!–zinger!! That’s our Fat.
        I think one of the funnest parts of comic strippin’ is seeing so many vastly varied reactions to the material.

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