The Hat and Fat #76 – Cloud Gazing

Man, how many time have I looked up in the sky and seen clouds like these! Dozens I tell you. Dozens! Which, come to think of it, probably accounts for a lot of my humor…..
Seriously, never seen clouds like these, but there is a tree outline that looks like it’s about to choke the neck of another tree real close to my house. I’m the only one that sees it this way, of course, but that’s whatever!
Hope you enjoy!
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2 comments on “The Hat and Fat #76 – Cloud Gazing”

  1. A lot of times I see screaming human heads…in clouds I mean…

  2. A puppy!

    You say you’re the only one that sees it that way, but what about those voices? They gotta be down for some soul-felt… <> OOOoooo-K…moving right along…
    …soul-felt cloud gazing, too. I always see puppies in clouds, but my voices see weeeeird things. One of them saw Justin Bieber one time and I could sleep for a year. … that was about a year ago, so I sure hope I get better soon. It’s time to move on with my life.


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