The Hat and Fat #71 – Man Meat

Uh, yeah, well, that happened…..


10 comments on “The Hat and Fat #71 – Man Meat”

  1. I’m new to your strip. I think it’s amazing! After reading this one I couldn’t stop reading back “issues”. You rock.

  2. Your artwork just gets better and better!

    • I appreciate that. My wife swears I’m obsessed with drawing them, well, if it pays off, right?

      • Exactly! Just tell her she won’t get any of your money once you’ve been crowned king of webcomics…well joint king, as obviously they’ll be crowning me at some point.

      • I thought your crowning was the last couple weeks with those knockout comics back to back. Those were great.

      • Haha, thanks buddy. I think my crown has been aggressively snatched back from me with this week’s entry, although I posted it on the ‘comics’ section of Reddit today and it’s doing loads better than it did in ‘webcomics’. It’s strange how that happens! Do you post them in both sections or just the one?

      • I didn’t know. I’m there to tag it. I do sometimes if I think it will work. There’s also other subreddits. One for critics, zombies, long form comics….

  3. It’s all in how it’s prepared! 🙂

  4. Panel 3… whooooah-kaaay. Takin it to new levels all the time. Way to go!
    Hm. Weird, I got hungry all of a sudden…

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