Guest Strip from Roby Duncan of Smaller Totems

By: thehatandfat

Oct 24 2013

Category: Comic Strip

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Smaller Totems is one of the most unique web comics I’ve ever come across. Their art style is certainly one of most original.  I have to admit I”m new to their comic, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s brilliant!

Here’s a brief summary taken from their website:

The Magic of Dreams
The modern world is largely thought to be a knowable place. Science and logic build us technologies to explore and control our environment. Electricity and light allow us to cross vast distances and communicate almost instantly, sharing lives and knowledge in ways that would have been unthinkable just decades before. Magic, superstition, and the irrational have been driven from the center of our lives, replaced by electric lights, wireless internet, and the wonders of medicine… but driven from the center does not mean banished. Mystery still lingers at the edges, in the dark, and in the backs of our minds. Fear of places we can’t see and noises in the dark. Vanishing and disappearances. Ghost stories and folk tales. Lucky charms and little rituals. And of course… the nightly mystery. For nearly a third of our life, we exist in a state where ghosts and phantasms move about freely, distance and time are free to shift and change, and anything is possible: for nearly a third of our life, we sleep… and when we sleep, we dream.
Even to much of science, dreaming is a mystery. We have experiences we don’t understand. We see those who have passed from the world, and others who have never lived. We dream epic adventures and anxious nightmares. We dream worlds of magic, and sometimes magic can be dangerous. Its no wonder that we sleep and dream a little easier knowing we aren’t alone.
Welcome to the world of Smaller Totems, where the myths and magics of dreams linger in the dark after waking, and the words “it was just a dream” provide precious little comfort.

Visit Smaller Totems today at

Smaller Totems

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