Tag-Jesse Kiefer of Tank Monkey

So, what the heck is this? This is a part of game called Web comic Tag and this here strip ends Round 2.  In this strip I’ve tagged the truly talented Jesse Kiefer of Tank Monkey.  His strips follows the cahoots and shenanigans of a tank driving, trash talking, monkey (he’s the one in the horned helmet.)  At present Tank Monkey is in the clutches of the Evil A.P.E Organization, a group of criminally minded primates.  You should check out Tank Monkey by clicking SEND ME TO TANK MONKEY OH MIGHTY INTERNET!

We’ve had a great game this time, with some powerful comics that really brought their own style to the mix. I have thouroughly enjoyed reading each and every comic of Round 2. I thought I’d get tagged a little sooner than last (I mean, what am I the fat boy in gym class?) but, you know, whatever! Kidding. I had a bunch of fun and want to thank each and every creator who joined up this round.


One comment on “Tag-Jesse Kiefer of Tank Monkey”

  1. Great fun, and a great idea! Really like your layouts in this one, Eric, each panel is like a retablo.

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