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Nov 07 2013

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So, no strip today.  As we, we meaning us here at Hat and Fat, have plans to unleash a brand new All-Ages Action-Adventure comic sometime after the New Year, we’re a bit under the gun.    Don’t think we’re taking it easy though, or just being lazy.  We’re busy drawing, writing, and just getting comfortable with these new characters.  We like what we have planned and really think others are going to like it as well.  But since I don’t want to spill the beans any more about our plans at this time (check back for a later blog post) I’m going to switch to another topic.


Hat and Fat have been around now for about nine months and man how they’ve changed.  Those first strips are terrible when it comes to the art.  Just look above.



Yeah, look at that brilliance!  Also, you can see there was a name change.  I had originally chosen The Gories as a play on the old dynamic duo The Cories of film greatness, but in my head had always called the two delinquents Hat and Fat.  It was Dusty that suggested we go with Hat and Fat as the title of the strip, and I’m glad he did. 

It’s really a better name.

This was actually the second strip in the collection.  Somehow in the inner workings of my laptop I’ve misplaced the very first strip.   Isn’t it terrible?  Terribly awesome if you ask me.  I think there is something endearing about the characters here. 

And here they are in a more recent strip:

 Image  Image

Yeah there’s still a lot of work to do.  And we’re not finished with these fellas yet.  It would be like throwing out your first born because you had a second child.  So don’t fret.   Don’t fear, there’ll be more Hat and Fat to come still. 

World Beware!  


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  1. Looking forward to your new comic!

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