Hat and Fat #74 – Light Snack


8 comments on “Hat and Fat #74 – Light Snack”

  1. I’d think of a light snack as like some Tots, or BABY Ruth™ bars, or EMBRYOREOS™, but not grade schoolers. they’re more like a substantial appetizer. but then I remembered who made the request. THAT’s our Fat!!

    And I think there’s n error in that math problem on the chalk board. probably just forgot to carry a 1 or something. But who’s Countin?
    Besides, I think the 2 creepers lurking outside the window might be a bigger problem. pretty sure they’re up to no good.

  2. Ha ha – I love the old school fishing net

  3. I wonder if they taste like lamb or veal?

  4. ive said it before and i’l say it again. cannibalism is a victimless crime. nice one guys

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