Hat and Fat – Perfect Woman

So, this will be my last post until I’m at Disney World. Can’t wait. Anyhow, enjoy today’s comic.

Also I did a guest strip over at Another Comic Strip.


Go have a look, and then peruse through the archives to find more amazing comics by Kevin Parham.


8 comments on “Hat and Fat – Perfect Woman”

  1. Great work as always. Enjoy the holiday dude!

    • Thanks. We will certainly try. You ever been to the states for Disney?

      • Nope, never. That’s the mouse guy right? Just kidding, I love that guy…it’s a guy right? Actually, in all seriousness, my knowledge of Disney is severely lacking as my parents never showed me any Disney films when I was a kid. Essentially I’m the victim of abusive parents.

      • We didn’t have the Disney movies growing up that my kids and nieces have. There were a few I can remember, but we had books, and the park. If you ever get a chance it’s a pretty cool place. Lots of creative things to spark imagination.

      • Cool. Yeah it’s definitely on my list of places I’d like to go. You guys know how to do theme parks…England, not so much.

      • England=Fun….NEVER! We wouldn’t dream of thinking you guys had fun, ever.

  2. That actually made me go, “oh my God…that’s pretty messed up”; while laughing, of course.

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