Hat and Fat #78 – Eaten in the Womb

Morse is coming in Thursday’s update! Thanks for stopping by, and as always, I encourage you to share.


2 comments on “Hat and Fat #78 – Eaten in the Womb”

  1. Wow! Dude! I’ve loved THE HAT & FAT since the beginning, but I’m almost speechless…
    You’ve really stepped it up on all fronts: humor, layout, & quite a bit of a changeup to the character design & style. Well executed, BTW.
    I’ve loved seeing the evolution of your cannibal psycho duo over the past year, but here very recently, it’s like you’ve hit a growth spurt, and BAM!! Really pops now more than ever. …in every way. The jokes keep getting riskier & funnier, the layouts are tight (great flow of action from setup to punchline), & the characters are much more animated. …and stylish. Nice work.
    Now, I’ve said it before & here I go again– u better watch out…people are gonna start getting the impression that you’re an ARTIST. And for good reason.
    – But I assure you, I am genuinely a fan; just to be clear.

    • Thanks Doug. Yeah, I feel these guys are getting pretty much like I want them. Don’t make us so old yet, still have 2 months until we hit the 1 year platform. Thanks for ALL your support. I still don’t know what really works, it’s all still experimenting at the moment, but you liking the flow of this strip helps me in the figuring out process. Got kind of burned out a few weeks back, but have hit a second wind hopefully I’ll keep it up. Of course, encouragement like this really helps!

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