Hat and Fat – 1 Year Anniversary – Tuesday Strip

Have you ever read Ninja and Pirate Comic? The thing I love most about Ninja and Pirate is that tuning in every Wednesday and Saturday is like stepping into one of the most bizarre, incredible worlds you will have ever involved yourself in. From strip to strip, though plotted impeccably, you never know what you’re gonna get. From homeless cosmonauts, to space bears, to John Deere Tractor beams it’s INSANE!
But I have to tell you, you won’t be able to not come back. Folks it’s got it all. Humor, action, intrigue, slapstick….ninja’s….pirates….and, of course, Dr. Whoo!
Wanna know more?

Then find Mr. Joe Flanders at the usual spots


One comment on “Hat and Fat – 1 Year Anniversary – Tuesday Strip”

  1. I wonder if they watched The Shining.

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