Hat and Fat – 1 Year Anniversary Bonanza – Wednesday’s Strips

These two strips are from two of my favorite people in the web comic world.
Jesse Kiefer of Tank Monkey Comics and Axton Kahler of Zombie Oaks Comics.
Axton brings us the top strip today, and if you’re not familiar with Axton you NEED to get to know him and his comic. Zombie Oaks follows the everyday fella George as he transitions from living to undead. He sort of the “good, just misunderstood” variety of zombie that doesn’t really grasp what has happened to him. But a complete synopsis of Zombie Oaks would not be complete without mention of Pode, the foul-mouthed, borne of George’s mustache, octopus ….thingie. Axton works hard to bring to us one of the best, humor-riddled web comics on the internet.

Take a moment to VISIT

The second piece comes to us from Jesse Kiefer of Tank Monkey Fame. Tank Monkey is a web comic about a monkey that…uh…that…drives a tank. But really it’s much, much more than that. Recently Tank Monkey has been captured by his evil nemesis, and, while in the clutches of his foe, bogus Tank Monkeys have swept through the city leaving a mass of destruction in their wake. But the best part of the comic, is the hilarious, spot on expressions Mr. Kiefer delivers with his cast. I find myself tickled time and time again as a gaze upon his little puppets. And while the story is on break, Jesse drops random funnies on us that will also have you laughing.

Unleash you inner primate and VISIT

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Jesse Kiefer
Axton Kahler


3 comments on “Hat and Fat – 1 Year Anniversary Bonanza – Wednesday’s Strips”

  1. Happy anniversary! Looking forward for more “The Hat and Fat” for years to come! 😀

  2. #1: The corn bits in the poop is so funny :OP

    #2: Eating monkey brains? Now them’s fightin’ words!

  3. That prehistoric bird head Hat STILL slays me!

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