Hat and Fat – 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular Bonanza – Thursday Strip

Wow! Now I really do feel special with these two strips today.
Both of these guys have been whipping up fantastic for over 3 years now in web comics. And if I had to pick two strips I would want to fashion Hat and Fat after it would be these guys’. When I first began dropping Hat and Fat on the world, both Tim Green of Vinnie the Vampire and Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy Comics reached out to me with encouragement and enthusiasm for what, let’s be honest, was a sup par web comic.
Sub-par, huh? That might be stretching it a little actually.
So it’s with great honor that I present these two GUESTIES today.

First up is an unbelievably funny strip by Tim Green of Vinnie the Vampire. Vinnie is just your average teenage, now twinkling, vampire trying to make his way in the world. Yet there are foes that want to keep Ol’ Vinnie pinned down, mainly his grandfather, aptly name Vampa and his fervent younger sister, Sunny.

The second piece is some guest art of my two puppets by Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy Comics. I wouldn’t even know where to begin describing this wonderful web comic. There’s not a Monday, Wednesday, Friday that goes by that Mr. Stokes doesn’t blow me away with his talent!

If you’re just starting out in web comics, or you’ve been doing it for a while, and want to know how to do them right—you won’t go wrong visiting either of these comics. Chances are they’ll swiftly become your favorites!


You can also find these cats on Facebook and Twitter
Tim Green

Mark Stokes


10 comments on “Hat and Fat – 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular Bonanza – Thursday Strip”

  1. Thanks for letting me participate in your one-year guest art celebration with all these great creators! Happy anniversary! Here’s to your next macabre year!

  2. I thought your name was Erk.

  3. Ha! That’s how real Devil’s cake is made!

    By the way, I found this via Tim’s comic, which I am also a fan of.

  4. This comic was such a pleasure to come up with, I was smiling the whole time I worked on it, my cheeks literally hurt by the end! Thanks for letting me be a part of your 1st year celebration…now blow out that candle and make a wish!

  5. These guys are fantastic comickers, Hat! Tim and Mark keep me in stitches with their comics and I definitely see that in the submissions above. Bravo! :O)

    • Honestly two of the best Web comics out there! Why they don’t show in every best of web comics series I haven’t a clue. Thanks, Joseph.

      P.S. My name is Eric if you’d rather call me that. Hat’s fine though, I’m not offended.

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