Hat and Fat – 1 Year Bonanza – Friday Strip

Last day of Guest Strips. It’s been a wild trip, this past year. Learning how to do a web comic is one thing, but learning how the community of veteran, up and coming and novice web comickers is so willing to pitch in to help you out has been amazing.
But today’s strips come from two excellent folks.
The first is from Kristie Silva of LITTLE BIT CREEPIE web comic. Little Bit Creepie has art that pulls me in to it. I could look on one of her updates with equal parts jealous, and amazed. Just look at this strip she provided today and tell me that’s not astonishing art. Certainly she brings a huge amount of adorable to Ol’ Hat and Fat, even if they are about to roast Cupid himself. The art itself makes you root for those two.
So if you haven’t ever been to Little Bit Creepie, seriously GO NOW.

The second strip comes from my good pal Mark Glavin of ADORABLE CRAP, and his latest installment of hilarity UBERTOOL. Be warned they are somewhat just alike and at the same time absolutely opposite of each other. Adorable Crap is one panel fun that slaps you in the face with funny. Ubertool is multi-panel that slaps you in the face with funny.
See alike, yet different.
I don’t which to tell you to visit first, best to get two computers and visit them both at the same time.

And of course follow them at the Hip Spots:
Mark Glavin


Kristie Silva


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