Hat and Fat #96 – Grounded

Number 96, eh? Pretty soon we’ll be uploading Hat and Fat #100.

How about that!

One-hundred Hat and Fat Strips. Simply incredible. Of course, the rest of the world might think otherwise.

Anyway, enjoy today’s strip.


14 comments on “Hat and Fat #96 – Grounded”

  1. When I send my son to his room I think, “I just know he’ll have fun in there!”

    But I do take away his iPad and DS.

  2. How many kids can say they have a Cthulhu under their bed?

  3. When I was living at home sending me to my bedroom was a joke. I preferred to be there! 😀

    • I know. Some of the best times I had as a kid were started when Mom and Dad sent my brother and me to our room. Best times, broken windows, busted walls…..

  4. I did a story line where Sunny confronted a monster in her closet…coffins don’t have an underneath”. 😉

  5. I always thought that sending kids to their room was an absurd punishment. …might as well just send them to Disneyland.

    Good going on your prolific production over the past year. Loved tH&F (characters, style, time, & twisted humor) when I first discovered it, and I love it even more & more with each & every improvent-laden installment.
    LOOK, man…You can’t deny being an “artist” forever, mister Eric. One of these days, someone’s gonna catch on & call you out on it.

    • I felt really good about this one. Thanks for commenting on it. There is no way in the world I could have pulled this panel off a year ago.

      But as always, I’m just playing catch up to guys like you!

      • Dude, I’d say you’re getting there.
        I’ve worked on my drawing skills since I was little, …disgruntled & frustrated by the majority of my “artwork.” So I just modestly started calling everything I drew “doodles” – some I liked, most I despised. then one day a friend saw one of my random “doodles” lying on my counter and asked me why I didn’t do more with that skill/talent, while laughing at me for calling it a doodle. I hadn’t even noticed that I had improved because my mindset was so firmly established on regarding my stuff as inferior doodles. Often times your own self criticism is so strong you blind yourself to a talent that has bloomed within yourself without your awareness.
        My newest goal is to work on my discipline & productivity. And driving to improve the artwork should always continue perpetually, in my opinion.

  6. I always thought that sending kids to their room was an absurd punishment. …might as well just send them to Disneyland.

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