Hat and Fat #100 – Cheer up Sully!

So what were those cookies made of again? Hmmmmm.


16 comments on “Hat and Fat #100 – Cheer up Sully!”

  1. I think that’ll cheer up Sully!

    Congratulations on your 100th comic, Eric! I hope I make it that far!

  2. Great comic for the 100th! Looking forward to the next 100, Eric!

  3. Congrats on 100 gruesome strips!!

  4. Happy 100th!!! That is quite a milestone. 😉
    And great gag to celebrate it with!

  5. Congratulations! Happy 100th comic!! That’s brilliant!

  6. ….happy one hundredth….I’ll take a case of the weird freckle faced ones…

  7. Hey, hey, hey… HAPPY 100th !!!
    Good going, man. Congrats.

    “Thin Mindy” , I like that.
    I fear that, due to my last name, I’m always a potential candidate for “what cookies are made of.”
    Good news for me: There are always other girl scouts.
    Bad news for me: There are always other cookie makers.

    • Thanks man. Maybe by 200 I’ll have the hang of this. Upward and Onward, right?

      PS I don’t think you’d make a good cookie. Probably taste like worms….in sombreros.

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