March Contest Is Open

By: thehatandfat

Mar 15 2014

Category: Comic Strip


March Contest is open.

The rules are quite simple. Write the joke, either a caption or dialog, for the image above and if you’re picked, you’re the winner! This month we’re going to try to open the contest to voting on Facebook. You can visit our Facebook page at FACEBOOK. And as long as you’re visiting you might as well go ahead and LIKE it.

The winner will receive an autographed original sketch, plus a $10 gift card to either Amazon.

Send your funny to by Thursday , March 27 no later than 11:59 pm EST. We’ll begin voting on Friday March, 28 through Saturday March, 30. Please no personal information in the email other than the name you want attached to the joke if you’re the winner (Please, G rated names only). If you’d like to leave your hometown, as our first and third month winners did, that would be okay. The winning joke will be published on Sunday, March 31 by 12 noon EST. If you’re a web comic creator, be sure to leave a link to your site as we’ll create a link so visitors can visit. We’ll also Tweet and post this to Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and Reddit for extra exposure.

We will notify the winner when chosen by return email to gather information for mailing the prize.

Contest is open to all.


6 comments on “March Contest Is Open”

  1. It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno!

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