Hat and Fat #101 – Fetch

I really thought this one was a good idea when it came to me. Had to try it out on my sister-in-law to see if it made sense. If she got it, then anybody could!

I was informed yesterday that a “mature” friend of mine found my comic strip “weird” and that she didn’t understand them. So for you, Susan T., here is the break down.

Hat sees a kid playing fetch with his pet. So Hat gets his pet, the zombie, and plays fetch with him. However, instead of bringing back the thrown stick, the zombie-pet brings back a brain. Love ya, Susan!


11 comments on “Hat and Fat #101 – Fetch”

  1. The comic would have made more sense to Susan if the Zombie came back with a stick, but it would not have been funny.
    Susan, get away from Eric’s comic! 😛

  2. I got it on the first look. Without the explanation! Yay! :O)

  3. Mature?????

  4. Don’t play with your food, just eat it!

  5. Very good boy indeed! 🙂

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