Hat and Fat #103 – Where the Wild Things Go

My all time favorite children’s book is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Now I know it’s popular book, and it’s really lame to flow with the crowd, but that book spoke to me as a kid. It still speaks to me when I read it to my children. In fact, all the youngsters in my family receive a copy of that book on their fifth birthday, just so I know they have it.

So now that Hat and Fat have shifted gears into a younger generation, expect more allusions to Where the Wild Things Are


11 comments on “Hat and Fat #103 – Where the Wild Things Go”

  1. Passing the Wild Things on to a new generation? Nize! Very fun strip!

  2. Somehow I suspect this is a neutering clinic!

  3. Great book! I think it’s awesome that you pass it down to family members. 🙂

    • Yeah, I really enjoy it. I love it when my daughter ask for me to read that to her at night. Hope it’s one of the things she remembers about me after I’m gone.

  4. Bring on the Wild Things Eric! Bring them on!

  5. There’s nothing lame about “Where The Wild Things Are”, dude. It’s a timeless classic from our childhood & for generations to come. Now if you were just flowing with the crowd and diggin’ on purely because of its popularity, that’d be pretty lame. But this is one of those special cases where something of immense quality is actually recognized & cherished by the majority, as it ought to be. Its very essence earned its own popularity, Mass appeal should be embraced & encouraged more for the sake of quality & content than four the sake of popularity alone. While simply following the crowd, mindlessly buying into manufactured trends simply to be a part of the IN crowd despite any real quality or substance (ahem..bieber), well yeah, that’s beyond lame and needs to be discouraged more. Anyhow. Yeah.
    Before a can of hipster worms ends up opening here, I will graciously trail of here…
    *End Sociologically Disgruntled Rant*

    • I agree. Though I think some folks jump on ban wagons of popularity. I really didnt know Wild Things was as popular as it was until the movie came out a few years back.

      • I don’t know, man. I clearly remember it from my childhood and it just ‘seems’ like not a kid in the world was unaware of that particular book. I firmly believe that to be in the high 90% range at very least. I would make a hefty wager that when the movie trailers started popping up, it excited to some degree almost everybody young & old… and our age group too… because the story already had a strong fan base, hardly any marketing was needed to fill theater seats with that kind of widely pre-established loyalty. I’d be shocked if anybody didn’t know about the book when those first glimpses started popping up at the movies, I remember specifically noticing how little was revealed at first. Just a few short frames of film made the audience I was in rabble and whisper ooohs and wild things, I was doing the same as was my girlfriend. They didn’t Even need to say anything or out a title up. I’ll never forget that experience….. Not saying there aren’t a few deprived souls here and there, but that imagery of a boy frolicking with beasts in a wild land is a powerful piece of work since first getting published. I guarantee it.
        But, about that hefty wager, I must retract it as an exercise to control my tendency for compulsive, impulsive betting. I’m way too enthusiastic about too many things to gamble every time I get amped… It’s a sickness.
        How much you wanna bet it’s not?!

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