Hat and Fat – Our Gang

Wanted to give the club a name like G.R.O.S.S from Calvin and Hobbes, but could not think of anything. You got one? Leave yours in the comment section.


11 comments on “Hat and Fat – Our Gang”

  1. Ooh, this is gonna be good…!

  2. …no rules! Hey, where’s Chucky?

    • The 1st rule of Fright Club is… BOO!!!

      • I like the Fright Club, wish my thoughts had gone there. Little ashamed they didn’t actually.

      • It could be a decent gag, I think, if one of the characters keeps accidentally calling the club that and HAT & FAT get annoyed that he’s saying it wrong, the irony of that scenario is funny to me, at least. – Perhaps they end up just reluctantly going with it because everybody keeps saying Fright Club. The irony would be that it is actually a more fitting name for their group but don’t even realize it. -or maybe the monster youngsters keep asking questions about Fight Club and Hat & Fat get keep correcting them telling them Fight Club I’d something else, this is FRIGHT CLUB. Then a kid asks egg it says Fight Club then. And Hat & Fat embarrassed, try saving face by saying something like, “1st Rule of Fright Clib: “don’t forget the R”, or maybe “don’t question us!” —-Or a more straight forward gag could be that they made a typo to begin with and suddenly notice it, perhaps bickering over which one wrote it wrong. or something.
        I dunno. Just sharing some fleeting ideas.

  3. It’s because I don’t update on Thursday that I was left out of the Themed Comics Club wasn’t it???
    Or was it based on the first rule of the Themed Comics Club… 😛

  4. Wow, Eric, I think we were separated at birth! I did a fight club comic today too! 🙂

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