Time Out

By: thehatandfat

Apr 20 2014

Category: Comic Strip


So this was a hard decision to come to as I do truly love doing the comic strip Hat and Fat. However, right now I feel that I’m not putting out the quality of a comic strip that I wanted to create. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year and some months working on the art, the design…that I kind of pushed the writing to back thinking that would just come. And yes I do have ideas, and I do get inspired, but the writing isn’t where I want it to be.
I set out to make Hat and Fat a great comic strip and right now I just feel isn’t a sub-mediocre comic on it’s best day.
Readers, please understand this is just a short break to recharge, re-imagine and focus on the writing, jokes and overall story and theme of Hat and Fat. By no means am I quitting these two, ah…lovable…no…likeable…no…um, these two unique characters. So I’ll be back Monday May 5, bright and early.


9 comments on “Time Out”

  1. Eric,
    I have all the confidence in the world, you’ll come back a stronger writer. All these comic strip artists leave clues about their writing. Some of the best I’ve seen is volume (total gags written) so you can be choosey and rewriting (coming back to it in a day or two) when you can look at your work with clear eyes. Don’t be afraid of the formula gags that you’ll learn about from books and mainstream cartoonists. I think they come off lame in mainstream newspapers where comedy has to be watered down, (Sometimes not!) but often they’re solid skeletons for your characters.

  2. ..pfft…more!…more!….(have a “nice” break…see you soon)…

  3. Have a nice restful break. I really enjoy your comics, its always great fun, and has a good story and characters.

  4. Eric have a fun, restful and productive break. I’m glad to read that it’s not the art you’re looking to alter. Because I think it’s brilliant!
    I say, have a 80’s horror movie marathon and let the inspiration bleed itself out. 😉

  5. It takes time to dig those plots! Haw, love the time out art! Come back all rested in peace!

  6. Enjoy your break, Eric. I know how it is when you need to rest and recharge.

  7. I, for one, can certainly appreciate where you’re coming from here. Reflection can be good. Fresh eyes do wonders.

    I would not, however, regard Hat & Fat as mediocre, by any means. I’ve seen you come quite a long way over the past year.

    The skill-set you possess has always been apparent, even in those dreary moments in which you explicitly declared with humbling consternation, “I, Eric, of Hat & Fat, am NO artist! For, I am but a LOWLY servant to the gods of divine… um… Artitude! OHHH… Scoff! I shall wither up into a completely hapless crumpled heap of hellish bitumen-laquered lament lying in a stagnant fit of languid disdain. Hearken! The willow weeps, but NOT for MY lowly lot in this mortal lifetime. For sure, a menacing stench of dank decay… Putrid! Like that of wretched crickets! STINKING! Wafting from out of a horrid display of wretchedly foul & disgusting dismay, engrossing all my being with rancorous virulence. My soul, entirely infected by scathing psychosis. My useless lump of dreadful bodily remains float in a cesspool, bloated by death. … And… I… Rot…”

    …Or, something like that, anyway. Perhaps I am paraphrasing you more-so than actually quoting you.

    In any case, you ARE an artist. And a savage critic of your own artistic endeavor. It’s great to see you consciously strive for a higher quality of craftmanship in your work. Can’t wait to see what this hiatus may bring.

    • Thanks, Doug. And that was hilarious! Right now I’m worried more about the writing than the art. I like the art and design and feel it’s clean an efficient, but I want to step up the writing. Heading out this afternoon to see humor writing books.

      • I think that it’s still art, writing comedy that is. …without a doubt in my mind, it’s in the realm of art.

        I’m down with that, though. Plans to evolve beyond ones best-so-far are fairly sure to be wisely heeded plans at times like this.

        Comedy, no matter how you approach it, is the most moving artform of all. It moves other minds to mindless laughter.
        That skill takes practice to try to perfect. Getting words arranged just right as to convey a joke is “comedy writing”, at the root. And that’s your area of concern, as it seems, for the time being.
        Cool. Cool.

        However, I am often blown away when I become aware of the magnitude of cleverness needed for ‘Writing’ single-panel, mostly wordless cartoons (such as Gary Larson does with the FAR SIDE). Or, coyote & roadrunner. Great comedy without too many “jokes”.
        …WAY Different approach to the craft of comedy, completely reversed triggers and response mechanisms in relation to joke writing and humorous imagery. Very different set of skills. But, it still taps into that common realm outside the definable.
        Art is what I feel I must call it.

        Comedy is bizarre. So many angles, so many perspectives, so many personalities and attitudes, stiff to get . Reasoning skills are good to strengthen up. Understanding logical fallacies seems important, too. Nobody knows what any particular individual will find funny. I’m always surprised by reactions to my jokes. You can get good at a formula and be as fast-witted as can be, but until you get good at making yourself laugh by your jokes (a seriously ticklish feeling in the belly, ya know?), I think you’re back operating at a point of non-material essence, in a non-physical world. In the abstract realm of artistic creation.
        Nonetheless, when the humor works…
        When the comedy clicks…
        You just know it.
        You feel it. You laugh.
        It is magic.
        It’s Art…


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