Hat and Fat #118-Footsies

So I almost quit this one after Hat holds the blade to Fat’s throat, and the next five panels would be next weeks strip. But in the end I didn’t think those last five panels were enough for a whole week, so I added them here. Of course, now that’s it’s finished I see a couple of places where I could have made the whole thing stronger, but I still like this page.

So, we’re deep into this new look of Hat and Fat, I’d love to know what readers think. Please leave a comment below.


15 comments on “Hat and Fat #118-Footsies”

  1. Footsie fatality! The kindest, plushest stomping ever!

  2. Great stuff! We got a (predictable) soft spot for Mr. Barker. It’s been a real pleasure to observe your progression!

  3. Yeah man I’ve been digging it! Keep up the great work!

  4. Not since the Stay Puft marshmallow man have I been so horrified at the demented use of a once beloved character!

  5. I’m glad you included the last few panels. I wanted the payoff now.

    • Thanks, Mike. That’s what I was thinking, plus I just didn’t think it would work by itself. If I ever create a book, then the last five would probably get their own page…but books are different than web comics.

  6. One giant sized teddy bear for one giant sized personality!
    Eric, I’m really enjoying all these new expressions you’ve been including. Expressions have always been my favorite when reading comics. 😀

  7. Good choice. I admire your tenacity for striving to constantly improve your craftsmanship, Eric.
    It really shows, too. Keep up the great work, man!

    • Thanks, Doug. I still need to work on the writing, pacing bit and clarity and joke telling…pretty much everything that makes a good web comic, I guess. Geez, now I’m depressed.

      • Yeah… Geez, sorry ’bout that. I tend to have that effect on people. But, hey… it makes me feel better about myself when others suck more than me, so… sorry you suck; but I gotta find a way to sleep at night somehow, know what I’m sayin’? Hopefully you get your act together someday, if that’s even an option, though I’m really doubtful that’s even a feasible option in your case. Just don’t tell me about it if you do stop sucking so much, or it might really bring me down.

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