Hat and Fat #120 – The Mighty Lion

By: thehatandfat

Jul 08 2014

Category: Comic Strip


So if you read last week’s blog you know that my wife is leaving for Africa this Thursday. She’s leaving me with the kids for 10 days, so I wanted to get this comic out today before things get hectic around the homestead.

Hat and Fat will be on hiatus until she comes back. I do plan to post some funny things that happen around the house between me and the kids during those days, but I’m waiting for the funny to happen.

Until then readers….


8 comments on “Hat and Fat #120 – The Mighty Lion”

  1. The Circle of Life has no soft spot.

  2. …best crying lion I’ve ever seen…keep up the good work…(more!)…

  3. Call me sentimental, but I like to think maybe ONE lion has wept for his kill. A really sensitive lion with a heart of gold.

    • You know I often do wonder that about animals. Have you seen the recent gif of the momma deer waiting on her young to get through the fence? It just makes you wonder what their connections are like. Thanks for commenting, Vince.

  4. I only pray for food.
    Not for my food! 😉

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