By: thehatandfat

Jul 12 2014

Category: Comic Strip




Oh, man are we missing you!  We truly hope you’re having a great time though.  C and R really liked you’re presents, especially the bubble gun.  The floor got so soaked that R slid five foot into the over…oh, I mean…no I didn’t let them pop bubbles in the house…that’s an outdoor activity, so why, why would I ever let them do it in the house.  Anyway, we spent the day out, running here and there and then went to Monterey’s to celebrate R’s birthday.  It wasn’t the same without you.  I didn’t get him a cupcake or an icecream, but his Poppie bought him a balloon which was all the rage!  C really does think she’s in charge.  I was “told” to put my shoes in the closet and to keep the house straight for when you get back.

Well, that’s enough for today.  Haven’t heard from you yet, so I hope the flights went well.  Did you get to see much of Rome before departure?


Love You as Much as I’m Missing You,



6 comments on “SILLY DADDY”

  1. Silly daddy, cred if for kids!

  2. You sent your kids to your parent’s house didn’t you Eric??? 😛

  3. Loved it…

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