By: thehatandfat

Jul 18 2014

Category: Comic Strip



4 comments on “MISUNDERSTANDING”

  1. I remember my 1st F bomb in front of Mum & Dad. I was about 10 from memory & I didn’t know what it meant but had just heard other kids at school say it.There was a thunderstorm & after one particular lightning flash & the TV went off. I yelled “Why did it have to go off while I’m f***ing watching something good”. I got a good butt slappin’ for it.

    • Man, I was one of those kids that never had a filter. If I heard a word and liked the way it sounded, I used it. Like you, I got plenty of slappin’s growing up.

  2. Ha, ha! I remember those moments when I discovered words that were words I should never use. 😀

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